Holy Moly, how has everyone been?

I tell you what, its been a pretty crazy season.  Nearly 6 months since i posted last, and this won’t be a long one.  Just a quick hello to let you know that I am still here!  We’ve done some pretty cool projects this summer.   A couple of cool water features and quite a big of plantings as well.  I’ll tell you what though; I have sure sold quite a few drainage solution projects as well. I can honestly say that would probably make up the largest portion of sales for the season.   It’s not all that surprising when you consider the amount of rain we’ve had here in the Midwest.   Things have been wild on the home front as well.   My wife and I adopted our daughter Jillian early spring and have had a couple other foster placements since then also.  My back has gotten bad again which makes me less active (and just plain sucks).   Probably going to have to man up and get the surgery this wi9, but I guess we’ll see.   Anyway,   I promise some more posts soon.  In the meantime,  check out the link to my Facebook page for some pictures of the seasons installations. And as always,  GOOD LUCK AND KEEP GROWING!

Tony Mascarello Landscape Design


About Tony_Mascarello

My name is Tony Mascarello and I provide creative and low maintenance solutions for Omaha area home owners looking to improve the appearance of their property as well as reduce their impact on the environment. The company I work with is Patera Landscaping and I’m a landscape designer there. I'm also a dad. My oldest Son (we'll call him Deman) aspires to be like his Dad and has his own company now too....at thirteen....wait, is that legal?

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