What Would Your Perfect Patio Be?

When you dream of your perfect outdoor entertaining space what is included? Is it just a space to sit and enjoy a relaxing meal with your family? Or is it a space where all your friends can gather and mingle on a gorgeous midwestern evening? Do you like the “old world” feel of cobbles under your feet or a more modern look of smooth slate in a random pattern.  Their are so many material options and they very greatly in price from simple brick ( on the cheap end) to a look of random flagstone without the chipping or instability (on the more expensive end).Evening Patio Would you like to include an outdoor kitchen in your new space, of perhaps you’d prefer a new “living room” complete with a matching fire place, mantle, and wood boxes. What about utilizing both, with varying materials to ensure the space has the feel of independent rooms, or keep it simple and maintain the same textures throughout the space. Would you like a “roof “ over your patio and maybe even a TV for enjoying fall football games just like your in the stadium? Pergola’s are becoming more and more common even in smaller patio spaces.  Your outdoor room should be an extension of your home. A good designer will tie the patio space into the rest of the existing landscape or give you all new plantings to ensure the patio area blends seamlessly into the yard. In the end, your new patio should be a space you are proud of and can’t wait to get home and relax in. Let’s be honest, that’s really how you should feel about your home, isn’t it!


About Tony_Mascarello

My name is Tony Mascarello and I provide creative and low maintenance solutions for Omaha area home owners looking to improve the appearance of their property as well as reduce their impact on the environment. The company I work with is Patera Landscaping and I’m a landscape designer there. I'm also a dad. My oldest Son (we'll call him Deman) aspires to be like his Dad and has his own company now too....at thirteen....wait, is that legal?

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