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Would you like to add water to your landscape?

People have so many concerns about having a water feature in their landscape. the primary objection we get to the suggestion of a new water feature is that they are so much maintenance; however that does not have to be the case. There are several low maintenance options for water features:

• Bubbling Boulders
• “Pondless” Waterfalls
• Tiered/Ornamental Fountain

moss featureWaterfalls are a powerful addition to any landscape.  Their is nothing like having a pond with Koi swimming around in it.  However, you will certainly have some maintenance if that is the route you choose to go. As a general rule, fish need some work.  You have to protect them from predators and you have to make sure the water stays healthy to prevent diseases like Ich, a very common disease caused by a parasite that grows in ponds.  But you can certainly gain some extravagance with a pondless falls and you can avoid much of the maintenance as well. You still want to maintain a level of beneficial bacteria in the pond to help control things like string algae and dicoloration. It’s an easy treatment though, and relatively inexpensive.  It’s just a matter of adding a little of the treatment at regular intervals.  That’s not too tough, now is it?  If you build your feature under trees’ you may have some added maintenance of cleaning out leaves but you have to do that in your yard anyway!

pondless 3

Have limited space but still want some “pop”, you could consider installing a bubbling rock feature near your front door or patio.  You still enjoy the wonderful, relaxing sound of water with practically no work at alBubbler 2l. You can do drilled boulders, flagstone, or even pots that fill up and spill over back into the landscape.  You can create this style of feature in any shape or size and can most certainly find create one to fit any space, big or small.  These wonderful features have virtually no maintenance attached to them although you’ll not want to completely ignore them.

One thing to consider no matter what feature you choose, is that you will have to add water occasionally.  This frequency will mostly be dictated by things like how much splash occurs in your feature as well as the typical humidity in your area.  More splash and higher humidity means adding water more often.  Not to worry though, if you have a sprinkler system in your yard already.  If your one of the lucky folks that doesn’t have to drag hoses across your yard, then you shouldn’t have to stand with a hose filling your water feature either.  You can install what basically amounts to a toilet flapper valve in your water basin that will connect into your sprinkler system supply line.  Then if your water level gets to a point that is below the preferred level it will open the valve.  Then once your sprinkler system runs, it will feed water into the pond and you don’t have to do a thing!  Easy as pie, see, I told you low maintenance.

One more option for something more “fancy”, an ornamental fountain that would be practically maintenance free. The options are limitless and the enjoyment is up to you!bubbler